R & D Showcase - 2016 is the fourteenth research and project exhibition of IIIT-Hyderabad, showcasing the prominent research and projects being carried out at the institute. The exhibits are winnowe out from projects covering diverse domains such as Visual Information Technologies, Human Language Technologies, Data Engineering, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Wireless Communications, Algorithms and Information Security, Robotics, Building Science, Earthquake Engineering, Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, Education Technologies, Power Systems, IT in Agriculture, e-Governance, etc.

About R&D Showcase
The two day event consists of a showcase of select exhibits and demonstration of research projects, which represent some of IIIT-H's most recent developments in research and technology innovation. Last year, the event featured over 300 exhibits and demonstrations and received overwhelming response from all sections of the targeted audience.

The R&D Showcase is organized annually to meet the following three key objectives.

  • Provide visitors an opportunity to learn firsthand about IIIT-H's cutting-edge research and technology developments
  • Excite research interest in college and University students and faculty
  • Help industry discover IIIT-H's innovative research and transformational technologies and identify areas for research collaboration with the institute

Who Can Participate?
The target audience of the R&D Showcase includes corporate R&D heads, students and faculty from engineering colleges and Universities, industry professionals, media persons, and technology savvy general public. Registration is free.